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Meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month 8 am to 10 am- Executive Board. 10am to 12pm -General Meeting. at :

Encanto Southern
Baptist Church

6020 Akin Street
San Diego, CA 92114
(619) 262-9133

San Diego Black Nurses Association Inc.


Almost one Hundred Members and Growing
Thirty-Nine Years of Service To Our Community
Greater Than $200,000.00 Awarded To Scholarship Recipients


The vision of San Diego Black Nurses Association (SDBNA) Inc. is to be the premier provider of Health Education and Health Promotion to achieve optimum health through a continuum of care for African Americans and other underserved population in the San Diego Community.


  • To provide health education, prevention and advocacy

  • To sponsor and mentor nursing students

  • To recruit and maintain nurses into the organization

  • To encourage and assist nurses in seeking advanced degrees

  • To work in collaboration with other healthcare and community organizations to improve healthcare.


Our current Healthcare Focus is to decrease healthcare disparities in the following areas:
diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, prostate cancer and influenza.

We welcome new members to help us expand these programs.